63 comments on “EVO FIREWAGEN™

  1. Looks great Dave! Very excited to see a new version coming out! What kind of paint finish are you thinking for this one? Any idea on an official release date? Also with the recent new casting additions, perhaps it’s time for another photo contest? Keep up the great work!


  2. I don’t like it if it may come this way! The car-body looks like racing (forwards!), the ladder not. Streamlined form of the body, seen from above conical from rear to front. The idea of the fire-truck is great, but for me it looks to heavy on the front axle. The backside is to clean. A girl with round booty looks more attractive than the flat one! There has to be an operator’s cab or whatever to make the rear look heavier and give more streamlining. Maybe bringing the pivotal point of the ladder in a position near rear end behind axles could fit better. Please think about it.

    • Many things are considered before the final design to make it viable for production. List is too long to mention, overall I like it, never meant it to be practical, but thx.

  3. Maybe you can add a hose-roll behind the ladder or do the streamlining with a two-tone coloring of the ladder with a sharp borderline parallel to the rabbet from the rear fenders. Ladder’s rear in same color than rear of the body, front end in white. A demountable rescue-cage that is placed behind ladder when not needed during rescue, mountable on ladders front-end when needed could be a point too. Those who didn’t like this cage when presenting the model leave it in the box. If i google ladder truck pics they all have the ladder fixed behind rear axles. Please try.

    • $$$$.. added costs means more to the final price point. It’s not viable for any more extra’s, it has enough details already that has to be decorated w/ paint or artwork =$$$

  4. Awesome job Dave. I work in the Public Safety sector and this will the best addition to my Evo Collection. I can’t wait to own this bad boy. I think it would be awesome in the mirrored red and white or chrome, maybe even in the flourescent yellow and black. Just make sure it has the fire dept. cresent logo…..hehehehe

  5. I’m a firefighter Dave and have a rather large collection even one with your autograph. I would love to have one of these in the flame red… I agree with the other guys also about moving the ladder back behind the wheels. But like everybody else can’t wait to see them.

  6. For colors would be cool to see one lettered as an actual fire truck and possibly flames on the side but incorporated into the design and lettering. Also might add the sign boards that they have on the sides of the ladders, the NYFD has them on all there ladder trucks. Again just a thought your stuff is always cool and Fire guys will love to collect this, so i just thought if one version looked like a real fire truck would be cool. If you bring back the big tow that would look cool lettered like an actual tow rig as well.

  7. many good suggestions already given, but a firetruck needs hoses and light bars, maybe there’s room for for them/ can’t wait, been needing a fix from you for awhile now. keep up the good work

  8. I think I can have fun with this! Curious if it still fits in the same case. Colors – red of course, there are a lot of the yellow or green ones too. White also. Ladder – wooden would look nice, depending on the body color. Either way – can’t wait!

    • Hi David! Definitely red & yellow, plus a few others in the spectrum! I’ll try on that wooden effect on the ladder, but that depends if that brown paint will work, maybe a semi-flat brown. We’ll have to see, but ‘aluminum’ might work. Say hi to the girls for me!

  9. what would be cool, if you did a superhero theme. Like Spider-Man or Batman or Iron-man. That would be cool. Or a Marvel theme or a DC theme. Why not.

  10. Hey Dave, AWESOME!!! We firefighters really appreciate a work of art and this is FANTASTIC!!! I would love to get the set, I hope i’m not on a run when they go on sale…………. Good Job!!!

  11. this is fantastic Dave. Can’t wait until it is ready. Saving up for a master set. Any idea on an approximate timeframe it will debut. Another sweet unit again…

  12. Dave, what’s the scoop? Are we looking at a 4th of July sale again? Can you give us an update on the new Evo? 🙂

  13. How is that Fire Evo? We are now into August an almost Sept. and can’t wait to get me hands on one or two


    • Thanks DTW, I hope everything is okay on their end. I’ve been eyeing that Firewagen most of this year, and was really curious as to what was going on.

    • I just sent him an email…………hope he replies back. My last reply here did not get added, that was back in early Sept., don’t know why…….

  15. I’m sure most have received an email from Dave, but he has had some health issues. He sounded encouraged, and EVO work was making some progress.

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