16 comments on “So how ’bout them Surfwagens?

  1. The Surf Wagons look great. The colors are fantastic, I especialy like the hot pink. Great idea making surf wagons since it is part of our California culture.

  2. Well, the wagons look great. However, I should have waited to order my wagons until now and would have saved $16+ in shipping. How about a refund? Randy Wells

  3. Those are sick, Dave! Loving the engine tooling. The detail is off the hook.
    Only question I have, “How many do I have to buy to get a pink one?”
    You know I love the pinks. Lol

  4. I haven’t received mine yet, but am anxiously awaiting them.
    From the pics, they look so amazing, I think I am looking forward to the green one, the mystery one, and I would love to see a black gold in real life, because I think that one is a gem.

  5. I got the Purple Woody and the “Surf and Rescue”. I now have 4 in my small “collection”. These turned out really nice…I’m really glad I got the “mystery” version.

    I need to put up some shelves. My display area is full!

  6. Got tht purple woody surf wagon and the yellow surf & rescue mystery wagon, both are great. I’m going to see what’s left now that the shipping is free.

  7. I have been waiting a long time for a woody and now that they are here I can say they are way better than I ever expected. These things are simply gorgeous! Plus an engine and two surfboards!

  8. Love the design, paint and graphics, you always blow us collectors away with your designs. Keep them coming. Would like to see another Big Tow lettered like a real towing service.

  9. Well, I got my buses today, and they are FANTASTIC.
    The pictures just don’t do these justice, as they look so much better in real life.
    They are all really nice, the detail is amazing, really.
    I would say the green one is my fave, with the blue one a close second.
    Thanks Dave for yet another great release.

  10. They turned out awesome as usual, Dave! I was hoping for a light bar on the mystery chase though. When you sneaked the red surfboards, i was thinking…red chrome with flames and light bar on the roof. Maybe one of these days! LOL The Black Gold chase looks especially nice as well! Wish i could afford to get the master sets all the time. The Drag Daddy set was my only master set. SO what’s the scoop on this Vegas series coming up?

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