8 comments on “more previews: EVO SURFWAGEN™

  1. The boards look great, it looks like they turned out better then i thought they might, given the scale, and the new splash deco is fantastic.
    I can see a bit of the green one, behind the pink one, that is the one I am looking forward to seeing, and of course the mystery chase, and the 24K of course.
    Can’t wait to add these to my growing collection, these are this years Christmas presents to myself, LOL.

  2. Are the surfboards metal?

    I have a purple Woody ordered. It will be my first Kustomcity diecast…but not the last!

  3. Since I wrote that first post, I changed my order to the Purple Woody/Mystery combo. I now have a 2007 Blue/Off White Mooneyes (on the way), and a 2008 grey Mooneyes. My collection is growing fast!

    • That blue and off white one is awesome, I have that, and it is one of my faves.
      If you can get ahold of the over chrome orange from the last series, that one is killer.
      Actually, they are all killer, everyone of mine is my fave, LOL.
      Also, did you see the pic of the black gold woody ?, unreal, one of the best so far, very nicely detailed

  4. I did see the Black and Gold Woody. Nice…though I’m not too crazy about gold. A primer black woody with Moon hubcaps…now that would have been nice.

    I can’t wait to see what the “Mystery” turns out to be. I like the red surfboards.

    • The primer version would look good for sure.
      I am going to guess at maybe yellow for the mystery, maybe an over-chrome yellow, I wonder how that would turn out.
      The boards turned out great.

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