57 comments on “Introducing: The Brand-New EVO SURFWAGEN™

  1. Very Awesome Works Dave, especially the silver surver near the engine blower, in indonesian language we called this “EDUNNNNN”, hehehehehe

  2. Looks AWESOME….You have my order as soon as it’s all ready.
    Going to make a place for it on my display case..will put a
    “RESERVED” sign up

  3. Dave,
    This is awesome. Been waiting to see a woody version too for some time. Really like the exposed engine and the surf boards are a nice touch.
    Now Rat Fink out the top and we’re good to go. LOL Maybe you could work out something to get some Rat Fink or similar decals. This is a winner.
    God Bless to all at KC,

  4. I love the Blower Engine..are they going to come in diffrent colors ?
    Would look nice with some of your work on the roof.
    No matter how it ends up I want one Now…lol
    I have 12 of your EVO’s so far

    • Hey Robert, you know because that different color on the engines, I think we’ll do some changes on the Super Chases and give them gold engines instead of chrome. There’s just so many different combination, but I like that color on the engine comment.

  5. See the pic and OMG those are amazing. I seriously think you should make a stand for just the boards to go in a Diorama type case idea. Standing up like in Hawaii next to the awesome rides all pulled up into a parking lot type style.

    Another sweet release, cannot wait for 12/3 I wanna order now n ship tomorrow 😀

  6. Dave – again, major props to you and your team. Thanks. Look foward to the ever expanding Kustomcity collection. Happy holidays!

  7. The Mystery Chase….Red surf boards…..are we finally going to get a red chrome EVO?? That would be awesome!!! Throw on the light bar too! Can’t wait to see more!! Keep ’em coming, Dave!

  8. FANTASTIC, yet again, LOL.
    I have to admit, I was a bit nervous when I saw the drawing on the website, BUT…..these look great, and I can’t wait to see the rest, and get my order in.
    Will the ordering be in the same format as the last release, with being able to purchase the chase editions with a regular edition?
    Thanks again,,,,, WHOO HOO

  9. You had to do it. Just when I thought I would put and end to my purchases at 36 Evos. Now I must make more room in my Evo case or get another one. Nice looking Dave. Was waiting for something new and you hit a home run with this one.

    • yea Dave, we got a cool design on the woody, quit a challenge getting the wood graphic to wrap around the front… big delay right there to get it right, 8 sample test and then switched suppliers after all the time testing… lol.

  10. Sweet, sweet, sweet. I am up for a “woodie” version, as well. I will be at the pre sale. Thanks!

  11. Dave that is sweet looking production. Can not wait to get a hold of one or two of them. Vegas Baby……Eddie

  12. This green one looks pretty fantastic, very nice, I can’t wait to see the rest, especially the mystery chase.
    The new Kustomcity splash deco is awesome.

    • yeah Tim, I’m stuck on that green too! we never had that hue and it was much different than in my head, but! the color was better than I envisioned, so great job from our china crew!

  13. Awesome worx Dave!!!! Well you know I’ve got to have anything with surfboards on it soooo…. KOWABUNGAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! I’m hangin 10 until mine arrives in the mail! 😉 TTYS BRO!!!!! Once again, job well done, thanks to Mike Zarnock for sending me the link to this site! 🙂

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