• OK, another art car. I am so frustrated. I wait and wait for the greatest potential to ever revolutionize this vehicle: A removable midsection revealing the baddest, most detailed engine or set of engines ever seen in a dragster!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Come on Dave, put your paint brush down and get dirty! Let’s see the heart(s) of this beautiful creation of yours!!!!!!!!!!
      I’ll start buying them again: One to display with cover and one with covers off…….showing tons of chromed and painted engine parts and details like tanks and cages……

      • LOL, ohhh you’ll see an engine alright. On the next debut of the new EVO casting, you’ll get the look of the engine without any covers. The engine tuned out very nice!

  1. Can’t make up my mind without seeing all the different colors. Just seeing the satin black one without the other colors on busses is hard to visualize.
    Bob Petty

  2. Dave, those are absolutely amazing looking. Would love to have some in my collection …. Again very nice work

  3. Another awesome color schema, Dave. You never give up making us happy and keeping our collections so colorful. Very nice, cannot wait to get them again. Since I am moving I am hoping I will have more room to show them off too. Bye JP hello US :-p

  4. FANTASTIC as always, I can’t wait to get them in my collection.
    The satin black looks great, and I can’t wait to see the mystery chase, I am thinking that one will be awesome.
    The tires on the green one is a great idea.
    Very nice set yet again.

  5. WOW, those are killer Dave. So the sale is NEXT week? Thank the stars, got no money at the end of this month BUT next month? No problem. Love to get a set like last time. Looking forward to the new bus design as well, when do we get to see it?

    • LOL!!! You can thanks Osama for the Customs hold/delay! The new design we’ll show within a month. It’s getting the last minute fine tuning on the mold…

  6. Hey Dave absolutely sweet, hope to add some to my collection, keep up the great work.


  7. dave, you’ve done it again for the 19th time that is. can’t wait to add these to my collection, awesome art and graphics as always!
    ps:dave sure would like to see a set of the bus and truck done a surf woodies, you know similated wood sides like on your t-shirts !
    as always,your fan- skidmarkz

  8. Dave
    The wonders I bought them for my collection
    Let’s see if I can open when the sale day on June 4
    big hug and congratulations!!

  9. That mystery bus is going to be killer, I just know it.

    And now for your clue towards the next casting, LOL, I can’t wait to see what we are in for next, an exposed engine ??? OMG, bring it on.

  10. Does the Pink Drag come with an optional Car Seat or is it standard…lol
    Very Nice pieces Dave♥

  11. I know I’m not the only one that comes by once a week to see if there is something new to covet. I can fit four boxes in a Christmas stocking for me.

  12. Got another email about surfboards but i don’t see any surfboards. Maybe i need another cup of java to see strait

  13. My friend Dave
    Here in Brazil we are awaiting the launch of fantastic new kustomwagem
    big hug
    The picture of this on my facebook kustomwagem

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