1. While pink is sweet, I am gonna have to go with red, season wise its the most fitting.
    Go with red bottom green top, two tone like the green just flip it and use red and green and you got a winner, season wise. 😀

    That black gold looks smokin too, Almost carbonish. On the blue if you threw some chrome rims on it, it would outpace the pink, however pink as it is, in the scale of 1 to 7 gets 2, for 2nd, red is 1st. 😀 Of course, any I get, I will be lovin.

  2. I am a local collector and dealer. Love your stuff, enjoy unique castings like yours and Big Lou’s Sledster. It is guys like you that make the hobby so much fun. Your tow truck was great model and sold very well. I live in Downey and have a small shop in Whittier, CA. Every once in a while I have been able to buy your castings from Minh at M & J, I would love to be able to buy whole sale from you – would be greatful to hear from you David – 310-993-5527

  3. They are all fantastic for sure, but if I had to pick only one color…………
    hmmmmmmm…………I am going to go with the black gold one, and the pink one.
    I know that’s 2 BUT……….
    These are yet again, amazing, and I am already sitting at the computor waiting for the sale, LOL.

  4. Red gets my vote, for true Christmas colors. It just makes me think of all my childhood dreams. Now when it comes to custom Cool it goes to Blue for me. Reminds me of the color of frozen ice. All those years of skating on the lakes of Michigan.

    Thanks again Dave & crew for making those enjoyable toys


  5. I think the red and green fit the christmas theme the best. I also love the pink one, doesn’t everybody.

  6. WHOO HOO, just ordered my 2 sets.
    Of all the times for the master set to still be available, and I can’t afford it, LOLLOOL
    Oh well, still got my 2 sets, come oooooooon black gold.

  7. Dave bought my master set today. My fifth. All the colors look cool to me. How about considering a medium purple chrome with pink flames. What do you think??

    Can’t wait to receive mine!!

    Thanks, and all the best and sucess for the New Year!!!!


  8. O.K., I think I have finally decided.
    For the reg. set, I like the green one.
    The chase versions, I like the pink one, and the super chase, I like the black one, then of course I am sure the mystery chase will be fantastic as well.

  9. I just knew the mystery chase was going to be silver chrome, FANTASTIC, that is now my second fave, after the black gold.
    Great looking set.

  10. Hi dave. It was a super idea selling off the chase cars for the X-mas ones. How about doing the same for the big tows if you have any left? I started collecting just after that issue and missed out on the master set and would love to get my hands on the chase ones.Please?

  11. Congratulations Dave
    For most of these marvels.
    Over-Chrome Ice Blue
    Candy Green/ Semi Flat Black
    Already bought my

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