102 comments on “Introducing: The EVO BIG TOW™

  1. Hello everybody!
    Dear Dave
    Congratulations on this new model’m already waiting to make my request.
    Allow a suggestion, in red paint with chrome wheels or black background will be amazing.
    We are here in Brazil awaiting this release


  3. I can’t wait for this version . I work for a wrecker service and promise that this will be proudly displayed at work and will become the center of my wrecker display.
    I would also like to make a suggestion that you produce one in RED with CHROME wheels.
    Continue to explore and design new models !!! Thanks for giving the avid collector a great product to add to their collections. Charles

  4. Dave, this looks great! A must have for everyone who has an EVO. A sure sell out. Can’t wait to see the final production.

  5. Hi Dave;
    This latest design is simply awsome. My Grandson (5yrs) loves tow vehicles and will LOVE this one. Youv’e come up with another winner as we all know you can. I will be placing my orders on this “EVO-TOW”.
    Thanks for your talent and ideas.

  6. How Do You SAY…P.E.R.F.E.C.T.! that’s what you’ve done this tyme!
    The ULTIMATE “COLLECTABLE”…..I Persannaly Can’t Wait Till There Available! Keep UP the GrEaT Work!

  7. SaWEEEEET!! Not a real tow truck fan,but I like the mean,low look of this Evo Ttruck.Can’t wait to see my black/white gold versions!!! LMAO….Maybe I can get another test error out of ya Dave……..Or how about accidently shipping me a proto………

  8. Hi Dave, Just beautiful! You do such fantastic work and cannot wait to ad this casting to my collection.


  9. Nice work. From the angle of the pictures the crane looks a little oversized for the body. Can we have more pictures to get a better perspective on the body to crane ratio. No matter what Im still buying at least 2.
    B0b Petty

    • more pics coming up Bob, I assure you the crane is not oversized, we actually redesigned it smaller to fit the display case/platform. Plus this EVO is HD (Heavy Duty-50 Tons) Recovery…

  10. Awesome job!! I like to play with my toys once in a while and wondering if it will tow one of my other evo’s in my collection? Is this a working tow?

    Keep up the great work

    • Hey Miguel!! LOL, I wouldn’t really tow anything as big as another EVO, the hooks would not work, but the boom works and retracts. It looks so kool!

  11. WOW!!!! You guys couldn’t have done a better job on that baby. Very nice and really sleek for a tow truck. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  12. OMG!!!!!!!!!, This is awesome to say the least.
    The orange and white with black flames and wheels is going to be perfect, if in fact that is one of the color schemes, as on the front page of the homepage.
    Whatever colors, I am anxiously awaiting sale day.
    Great job to everyone involved.

  13. I gave up being astonished by the beauty of these long ago. Now I just sit and dream of the day this one will become available. These always draw the most attention and admiration of the many vehicles in my collections.

  14. Another home run! I am curious as to what the boom and moving parts will be made of? The moving parts would look awesome chromed. I also want to thank you for the spring clearance sale as i was able to get a lot of issues that i had previously missed.

  15. W O W….. that diecast is bad to the bone, and can’t wait to own!
    Dave Chang is the man, I too am a big fan!
    Lowered and colored as they are all numbered, I wish to own one of the first hundred….

  16. It’s definitely different from your other buses, which is a good thing. But is that all Plastic?? Please tell me its Die cast….

    • Hey Miles, it would be too costly but also not practical for the back half to be metal, it just wouldn’t function right. The ‘hydraulic’ boom shaft(?) has the metal pin for realism, and of course diecast body and chassis!

      • I understand about the cost. You can always put some AIR shocks on the bad boy to handle the die cast.

    • LOL, the brass is going into my collection case!!!!! they’ve been instructed to hand it over after they’re done using it!! lol. (That’s one expensive chunk of brass!)

      • Well, I guess i could always settle for the resin one, LOL.
        Will you post pics of the completed brass body ?

  17. This is a work of art ……. it will look great with the 17 other DC EVO’s i have,,,, keep them coming,,,

  18. Dave,you and the rest of your crew actually make an item worth spending a few dollars for,this car/truck looks like another of your great designs and like the others my grandsons and I will continue to buy as long as you continue to produce.Coach.


  20. Love that detail and originality! Kudos DAVE! That idea of painting it like a woody is fantastic!

  21. Just when I think I’ve got my favorite one you drop this on us ( my new favorite by far.
    While red and chorme would look outstanding, I would suggest a simple clean pearl white with blue accents and chorme rims.
    But at the end of the day I will buy whatever color you come up with, your the pro!!!
    Keep’em coming!

  22. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Suggestion, Can you create an autographed chase. Keep them rollin

  23. I’de like to see it in a candy black cherry with phantom dark red flames, and black chrome rigging and wheels, but like most, I will buy it no matter what color.
    This is totally cool.
    Oh, and the autographed chase is a great idea.

  24. Just Plain AWESOME, Thank you I’m looking forward to adding one or two to the others. Thanks for your art.

  25. DAVE DAVE DAVE, This is Stunning again. And Publicly let me tell people how awesome you are when I asked you about an extra windshield a couple of years ago and you took it out of one of your sample buses and sent it free of charge. DAVE YOU ARE THE ” MAN”

  26. WOW, amazing new casting. David and Team you just amaze us all with the ideas you come up with. This EVO will be just as cool as the ones prior. Cant wait to get one.

  27. How about red chrome with some black flames and chromed boom? Add in some fire dept. tampos. That would be totally awesome! Dave, did i hear you hmmm about a fire version down the road? With perhaps a ladder instead of a boom? Also a great idea!!

    • Hey Joe, not counting all the tooling costs, the “Big Tow” costs more to produce per unit as you can see with all the parts on that workhorse! We were struggling with price, but are most likely going to keep the costs the same as previous without a price increase. So you’ all be smart and take advantage. We are absorbing all the extra costs. I guess you can say here that we’re giving back to all our great fans.

  28. Hello Dave,
    This is one SWEEEET EVO. As you know we just started collecting your amazing creations in diecast. This is a must have :). Thanks for giving us a SNEEK PEEK.

  29. Hello Dave, will you be having a 7 piece collector set with all the chase pieces??? Looking to grab one if available. PLUsK.

    Thanks, Edward

  30. Hey Dave….great job as usual. Kudos to you and your team. Just curious any idea how International customers with no paypal account able to get these one-of-a-kinds? 🙂 I own a few thru trades from buddies over @ the other board and loving to own this BigTow EVO in all its glory :D….cheers and keep it up…can’t wait to see the other later additions in future to this EVO in other themes:- Military/Police/Flatbed *wink*

  31. Thanks for all your great creations in all of your work.

    Dave you have built another great piece. Just not sure of it’s ability to equal the looks of your past drag buses. I wonder about it just looking like a add on. Will it function too. Can we get some print on the tow equipment ? How about Chang Gang Hauler for a Co. name. Keep up the great work. Your work is loved by many of us.

  32. I Love the Looks of these…I Didn’t read everybody’s comment so maybe it has already been asked, but are you going to still have the 1 of 192s and maybe even the low number package of one of the 1 of 48 golds and if not will there be some of them sent at random as before..Thanks for the great pics..I Will be buying even if you don’t make the rare low number versions..THANKS AGAIN JERRY

  33. Killer piece Dave…….can’t wait to see them with some paint flung on them!

    • Hey Bryan, thx, good to hear from you! For all reading, Bryan is one of the top and genuine customizers, building one of a kind intricate customs! Real customs! “Like how we use to do”

  34. Hi Dave and staff , i am Patricio from Argentina , and I astonished by his products, I and my friend Alejandro for a few months discover these beautiful cars and we try to buy all, In the 16 edition there was a problem and I could not buy the whole series, I hope that this does not happen again. From the design, the presentation, the box, everything is perfect, you have a wonderful product ,continue on this way.

  35. As always, another WINNER from Dave Chang !

    (The old guy from Sugar Land, Texas)

  36. Dave just to let you know I was able to purchase a set (7) for my personal collection.

    Can’t wait to receive them!!!!!


  37. Thanks for the sale.
    I am really looking forward to seeing these in the cabinet.
    How many master sets did you release (or would that be a well guarded secret)
    Thanks again for the EVO BIG TOW

    Yippee 100th post

  38. These are awesome.
    I was a bit leary when I heard the rigging was going to be plastic, BUT, as it turns out, the buses turned out fantastic, as usual.
    The pictures don’t do these justice, in real life, they are amazing.

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