8 comments on “EVO BIG TOW: The Making of the Brass Master!

  1. Hey Dave,
    Great pics.
    I love how it looks in that second shot, the first two pics really gives a good example of the true brass color.
    Will it have brass wheels to match ?
    Hope to see it when it’s all done.
    I am anxiously awaiting the release.
    Is the blue a final color as well ?
    Very cool.

  2. Wow! Just cant wait for the release. thanks dave for showing the great pics. as a collector I love it that we all get to see the work that goes into these great diecast vehicles. Just makes me appreciate the time and work that is put into each casting,

    thanks Bob

  3. Hello Dave,
    These are some sweet pics. Thanks so much for sharing them. We are new to the day you release your new diecast creations. How do you do your chase versions (or will you be doing any in this sweet casting). If you do how do you acquire one?
    Thanks in advance for any info 🙂

  4. Formidable person, great friend of our collecting, always willing to meet everyone and autograph our spectacular EVO
    This person is DAVE CHANG, thanks again for this among us here in Brazil you are the best.
    His friend Mario in Brazil

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