12 comments on “Happy 4th of July!!

  1. Hi Dave,
    Thanks so much for the pics.
    That orange one at the bottom of the first pic, is awesome, it looks like a great shade of enamel.
    Also, what happens to all those test buses ?

      • The orange is fantastic.
        How about an enamel lime green, like the one on the home page of K-Tek.
        It morphs through a few color schemes, and the lime green looks great.

  2. Hey Dave,

    Happy July 4 to you too!!

    Love the Big Tow!! The colors look great and I am assuming they will be the spectraflame type paints.

    BUT when ya gonna do the Surf Woody version that you have a picture of on your site for the last year or so?

    Going to any conventions this year?

  3. Looking good Dave! I see something gold and shiny in the background on the second pic…will you be releasing a 24K chase Big Tow?

    • Yes Mike. Were trying to get the ‘gold’ coordinated since the body go to one factory and the vacuum plating for the plastic has to go to another. Not sure on the look as of yet.

  4. I think color matched chrome plating would look cool….. for example, orange chrome on the orange bus and so on, and maybe even color match the wheels as well………..just a thought.

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