6 comments on “REWARD: Stolen Mystery Chase (by numbers)

  1. I don’t even know where to begin, in voicing my disgust in the people stealing these.
    I hope you catch them, and they are charged with anything, and everything that they can be charged with.

  2. Is this the same trucking company where the last EVOs were stolen? I would definately change trucking companies, and let them know why!!! Looks to me they should invest in some security cameras, this kind of stuff should cost them business…

    Just goes to show what an awesome product you have I guess, LOL!!!

    • Yes, but it’s a pretty big facility that’s not owned by the ‘agent’ company handling the shipment. They said they have cameras but please… we’re going to try something next time…

  3. Dave, not here to get in your business, thing is, I work for the USPS. If the boxes are ready to mail, we will come pick them up. If I can be of help, give me a shout

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