11 comments on “KUSTOMCITY® Brand of Shirts & Stuff!

  1. The shirts are way cool, and the bus with the woodie tampo, would be great in real life, especially in an over chrome gold finish.
    I will for sure be picking up a shirt.
    When will they be available ?

  2. Sweeeeeeettt!I’ll be in on a a T or 2 Dave!! Love the Rat Fink touch on the woodie.I used to have those T’s, with Rat fink driving those waaay coool cartoooned cars………..Got them while in Cali-F waaaaay back in 1970/71

  3. My question is the same as Tim’s was. When will the shirts be available? I am a big Rat fink and Ed Roth fan and also love the buses. I have 20 of them myself. Would love to get a few of each shirt. I also do artwork on the side for car enthusiasts. So I can appreciate these shirts from 3 perspectives. It’s all goooood!
    To totally change the subject my wife and I have a 2 door 64 Chevelle wagon. Now that would be a saaweeet Dave Chang project. Just dreami’n, sorry.
    What can I say, I’m just a big 47 year old kid and hope to always be.
    God has blessed you with a fantastic talent and imagination, so keep up the impressive work. Thanks for listening.

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