8 comments on “Sneak Peek: Commemorative Red

  1. What an awesome shade of red, it looks great with the black tribal flames, and the new finish wheels.
    This looks like it will be yet another amazing release.
    I keep thinking each release is the best, but then the next one comes out, and BAM, there is a new favourite

  2. Hey Dave,I love that bright fire engine red,can’t wait………….ya took sooo long to put out any info,I thought ya might have had a breakdown from the stress of trying to outdo yourself again…………Looks like ya just might have …………….rock on

  3. Whats up Dave ??
    Yes we are waiting.. it seems like forever !
    I like the fact you have had the next batch rejected and redone Shows the care in the quality !
    Black is my favoite then red SO Bring it on !!!!
    Peace !!

  4. Hmmmm . . . do I see PINK cars in teh background, or is that just the reflected red? That would be, um, interesting.

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