3 comments on “E V O in the EVO Logo

  1. Hello Dave, I had emailed you a week or so ago and I have another question. The pink charity bus you did… do you have a pic of it still? if so can you foward it to me . and the other question behind that is with your permission may i have a customizer paint one to match and on the bottom and interior have”reproduction” painted on it. I happened to see the pic of it after the fact and as i stated before I am trying to collect all of these. so the pink one would need to be included. I am down to six now except for the newest ones coming out..(very cool ) thanks again for all the great work. Mike 713-823-9913 texas

  2. Your EVO logo design is as brillant as it is cool. I have noticed it. I do not believe it could have been designed better!



    • Thanks for the comment David. You know, I spent so much time coming up with that logo, .. a perfect fit! You know I got a awesome redone VW tm design if VW ever wanted a ‘new school’ logo. Its simply beetchin!

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