2 comments on “Box of Samples has arrived!

  1. I just noticed the evo woody on the top of the page with the surfboards…the blue would be awsome . also i think a satin black like the first set, but with chrome flame outline,and gloss flame and chrome rims, for the black gold do the same but with a gold outline and the gold rims. will you do anymore charity busses like the pink one? and do you have any pics of it besides the small one on the website? thanks again. mike

    • I think I have the original ebay charity auction page saved on my hard drive somewhere. I’ll see if I can find it. The blue woody EVO SS is actually going to be a shirt design by my friend Scott Carter and Dirk at Stith Printing. But making that wood wrap around the curves and fenders like that in real production would be impossible due to the expense and time to make it look right.

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