4 comments on “Goose Liver?

  1. That pizza looks awesome, send it my way.
    I’m not a huge liver fan either, I would try it, but I’m not to optimistic about it tasting good, LOL
    The factory shots are great, I like the whole thing about how things are made, and I would love to experience the process of the EVO from start to finish.

    • we been sharing it’s and bit’s, here and there. I’ll try to put it all together to see all the amazing steps and human resource it takes to make these…

  2. Definately agree the process pics to date have always been amazing to see. Cannot wait to see more. Keep em comin Dave.

    The liver, um no comment haha. The Pizza, kind of reminds me of what I get here, its Pizzaish, costs 4 times as much as in the states and is not filling but it tastes like cheese 😀

    • hahahaaha! ‘aint that the truth though on the pizza? It’s like thick and cheesy!! That’s the only thing I recall was chewing the cheese like a big wad of gum.

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