2 comments on “Only in China

  1. So Dave when is there some new evos coming out? i found out about these just 2 months ago and have all but 6 of them now. and I am ready to see the newest out. I dont know what the possibility of getting a set custome made for firefighters is, but that would be sweet. Thomas Shuster is a FF friend at my station who 2 weeks ago was involved in a horrible accident ,he is just 25 yo. we did a benefit for him and raised over 78k for him in just 1 day worth of selling BBQ. but if there is a way you could do a bus for him with station 8 … the great 8.. on it that would be awsome. thanks for all the great evos . Mike 713-823-9913 texas http://www.cyfairvfd.com/ you can check out our website here .

    • Hi Mike. Sorry to hear about your friend. The next release will most likely be early July… Congrats on your collection, that’s quite impressive.

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