4 comments on “Hello Friends & Fans!

  1. Hey Dave, WHEN are you going to make the WOODIE Bus that you show as a picture at the top of the page? WITH SURFBOARD!

    That is very cool. Looking forward to the next release and feel free to make it early July….card needs a rest…ya know?

  2. Thank you for the pictures, they are wonderful.
    Hong Kong and China looks amazing, would love to go one day.
    The EVO process pics are great to, I like the whole ” how it’s made ” stuff, so I really enjoyed the factory pics.
    The upcoming commemerative release looks fantastic, I can’t wait to add these to my collection.
    I also can’t wait to see the special k’s.
    Will you be doing a gloss black with flat black flames for the black gold version ?
    Thank you for these wonderful pieces of art, I am a collector for life.
    I can’t get enough.

    P.S……a Partidge Family bus would be pretty awesome.

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